Inflatable Kayaks

Want to experience navigating whitewater rapids on your own? Our fleet of inflatable kayaks give you the opportunity to go at your own pace and negotiate the Lower Pigeon River. Be your own guide in an Inflatable Kayak! Our Inflatable Kayaks or “Duckys” give you stability and comfort and performance ability to challenge yourself down our Lower River. The inflatable kayak will allow you to be closer to the river, and are enjoyed by both experienced and novice paddlers alike. A guide will assist you on your journey. Try SURFING, you won’t regret it! The Lower Pigeon is much easier and more forgiving than the Upper, so this is the perfect opportunity to learn basic skills or to just enjoy the mountains and river.

This guides assisted trip begins upon arrival at our outpost. You will check-in, listen to our thorough trip & safety talk, then you will meet your guide. Your guide will then assist you with you gear, and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Then it’s just a quick 5 minute bus ride to the river.